Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your child's educational and emotional achievements. Here is what our parents have to say about it.

Great Decision

Having our three children enrolled in the B.R.A.I.N. Academy the summer we moved here from Connecticut was a great decision! It made their transition to St. Theresa Catholic School much easier. Dr. Pascal has continued to work with our son since then for four years. She has a great relationship with all of the families she tutors and always shows true compassion for the students and their individual needs. We are blessed to have met her and to have her helping our son!
Dena Salas

More Than Just a Tutor

The Brain Academy, under the leadership of Phd Dr. Caridad Pascal, has been a turning point in our son’s life. Throughout all these years, we have witnessed some much progress, along with tangible results that have helped our son, not only to overcome his learning disabilities, but also to achieve educational success and even excel among his peers. It is clear that Dr Pascal and her staff have the credentials, expertise and fine touch to work with children. They utilize a unique methodology to motivate and encourage young children find their own inner discipline and pace that will eventually lead to self-confidence. They teach them structure and critical thinking that will facilitate their problem solving ability. The Brain Academy is a place where parents will seek more than just a tutor for their kids; it is a practice that enables children to believe in what they can do on their own.
Cesar and Andrea Pachon

Confident and Independent

I first met Dr. Pascal three years ago when my daughter Samantha was in first grade. At that time, I felt lost and hopeless with my daughters inability to keep up with her grade level. Her teacher's recommendations were to either hold her back or perhaps place her in another school. From the moment Dr. Pascal was introduced and became part of our lives the impact she made is hard to explain. First, she is an amazing teacher who has helped my daughter become a more confident and independent soon-to-be fifth grader. She has always gone above and beyond her role. The most amazing thing about Dr. Pascal is her passion for what she does. She is an amazing woman who I will always consider part of our family. Thank you for all you have done for us.
Ileana Hernandez